Mareeba Wetlands


Our work day done, the car packed up, cameras and equipment at the ready we headed off in the direction of the Mareeba just as as the sun began to set. Jabiru Safari Lodge is to be our destination for an exciting first time experience of Bushland retreat. After a fifteen minute drive from our home, suburbia and street lights disappeared. A further hour of night time country driving was needed before we turned off the main road. Bumping along 10km of dirt track it was difficult to see where we were going, but this was all part of the fun. Void of city lights, the stars looked really pretty in the black sky, then strange shapes loomed into the headlights – decorated mini termite hills, some in strange costumes and some with comical faces lined the track – quite eerie.

I looked forward to the dawn and wasn't disappointed with the habitat visitors who were out foraging for breakfast. Kangaroos, Wallabies or Wallaroos, not sure which, but they watched me watching them, then the resident Emu family mooched around. Why is breakfast ‘a-la-fresco’ so good? It was a beautiful way to start the morning and we made a fluid plan of what to pack into our day.

Jabiru Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge
(Posh Camping)

Our African style safari tent cabin was a wonderful surprise. So comfortable with all the essentials yet blending into the natural surroundings, well at this point all we could see were the gum trees and grasses, with lots of insect and frog noises. We quickly unpacked and took a brief wander around but decided to leave a wider amble till the morning.