My book is a paintographic essay. Intricate in its presentation, subliminal in its meaning and with a philosophy in the art of my art. The concept for the book began as an inspirational ideal caused by the dismissive reactions and prejudgements of brush strokes not created by coloured mud on cloth.

The evolution of the conceptual design of the book matured into a three-part study that I have presented through a series of sequential unique paintographs.

The whole is equal to the sum of its parts – but can a part be greater than the whole?

The concept challenge is to use the composition of an individual piece as a basis upon which a paintograph is created. The paintographic image can have its own self worth and be greater than the whole compilation of 39 individual sections.

Representational in its content as a book is the loss of respect, the disrespect, the lack of respect that I have used with an artistic twist to create another ideology.
This ideology has a need for digital art to be recognised. I demonstrate that paintography is to be the bridge linking art of the 21st century, through printing technology,


The Art of Respect

with traditional conventional art and photographic art. This modern descriptive word ‘Paintography’ is so new it’s not in the dictionary yet. In the American Oxford Dictionary Edition 2, the definition of art lists 59 categories of Art Techniques and Media but not one mention of digital computer art. With all due respect, there has to be a breakthrough.

Symbolism is used in a variety of forms to make my point blatantly clear. From the very first pages the reader will identify with this meaning because a prejudgement will already have been made.

Prejudgements and dismissive reactions to digital art  considered worthy of respect are often due to a lack of adequate information. This book and the images contained in its pictorial essay is a determined effort on my part to validate the art of paintography.

The images themselves are provocative, or are they? Has a prejudgement been made already, resulting in lack of respect and loss of respect for the fictional character which intonates a slurred reputation immediately. The use of text, a segment of a story line, fuels the imagination, yet what was actually said?

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