Our trip to France



La Bourzaie is so picture perfect rural France. From leaving the ferry at St Malo after a night of entertainment, sleeping soundly and a great breakfast, we disembarked around 7:30 a.m. The journey taken following precise directions didn’t take long at all. Well, we may have deviated here and there and gone around the roundabout the wrong way, (just once) a mere blip as we were a little disorientated and had to remember to drive on the right but look left! Industrial sites as well as super sized modern hypermarkets disguised and mislead. But this was all a normal route till suddenly the modern commercial world ended. Taking a right turn towards Malestroit and immediately right again toward St. Abraham, et voila La Bourzaie.

Instructions read:

‘Turn in left after the first block of buildings. My buildings start with a cockeyed building and end with a ruin.’



Bonjour mes amies!

Nous sommes en vacance en France,
la région Brettagne, La Bourzaie à la campagne Caro.