Photographic Outing
Saturday 25th September 2009

Comminos House was to be the place to meet and greet our Chinese photographers from Zhanjiang, a city in the southern province of mainland China and Julia our interpreter. Our objective was to meander through the Cairns Botanic Gardens, around the Centenary Lakes and through the Rainforest Boardwalk taking a break at the Botanics Cafe for lunch, before continuing the photographer’s delight.

As with all best laid plans, (I think Joan shredded the itinerary) we literally meandered all over the place in a most disorderly fashion! But why not. It was a beautiful day lacking only our normal blue tropical skies. This was probably due to the  tail end effect of the biggest ever dust storm, glad we weren’t seeing red skies here too. 

The Zhanjiang photographers were both animated and  absorbed in this beautiful environment. Time seemed meaningless to us all because ‘the’ photo opportunity calls from every angle. We all wanted to be able to exchange and engage in conversation with the guys, and mostly with and without Julia’s assistance, we managed to interact and inter-communicate pretty well.